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C520 (C2) Uncoated
General purpose grade designed for cast iron and non-ferrous materials. Can also be used for machining 200 and 300 series stainless steel. Provides excellent wear resistance.
C550 (C5) Uncoated
Designed for heavy roughing to semi-finishing of all steels.
CM02 (C2) Coated
Multi Layer coating TiC / Al2O3 / TiN. Good toughness, high strength in use and versatility for roughing, medium roughing of steel, alloy steel and cast-iron, especially for high speed and quick cutting. Aluminum oxide coating for machining 200 and 300 series stainless steel.
CM-14 (C5) Coated
Multi Layer coating TiN / TiC / TiCN / TiN for turning and milling carbon and alloy steels, tools steel and stainless steel. Provides longer tool life than uncoated grades.
Bright Finish - Uncoated
Offers an economical solution to many of your machining needs.
TiN Coating
TiN still remains the dominant coating in sales for rotary tools. Good results in many iron based applications. Increase speed rate (SFM) 20% over current uncoated tool parameters. Feed rate remains the same.
TiCN Coating
Designed to run at even higher temperatures than the TiN coating. Produces good results in stainless steel, nickel based alloys, high temp, and titanium alloys. Coating allows for high speed semi-dry or dry machining operations. For optimal performance maximum heat at the cutting edge is required to oxidize aluminum in coating. Increase speed rate (SFM) by a minimum of 50% over operating parameters of uncoated tools. Feed rate remains the same.
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